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If you like diverse food, care for your health, gradually change your eating habits, you are a vegetarian or vegan, or just want to enrich your menu with healthy meatless products?

In each of these cases we suggest you try the Vegetariana products!

Taking into account the latest trends, and at the same time taking care of the health of the consumers, Vegetariana has created for you high quality products for a quick and healthy meal.

Our products do not contain GMO ingredients, sodium glutamat nor artificial colorings. Rather, they are based on soy and wheet proteins with a combination of natural spices. All this makes our products line unique, which can fully satisfy the palate of the greatest gourmets. Furthermore, these delicious allies in health are easy to prepare and are an ideal solution for a healty meal in every opportunity.


Mission and vision


Our vision was to create a top quality products, which will encourage healthy eating habits, and with that also promote business practices that respect the earth and the environment. In 1996 along with the first meatless spreads and cold cuts produced in Croatia, the line of a brand Vegetariana has been launched, with what the realization of the vision has started.

Along all this period, we tried to inspire people to choose and adopt healthier eating habits. Our mission remains the same- to be innovative and meet the expectations of our valued customers. Therefore, construction and development of relations that are based on mutual trust through quality products, due to the nutritional composition and excellence of the taste, represents Vegetariana main goal.

New: Choco spread with carob


Vegetariana cut with chili


Bio spread with chickpeas and hemp seeds